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I was looking for answers to questions about how people could become happier back when I was in elementary school. So began my search for possible solutions which eventually led me to the study of psychology. If my mother had known that therapy was about making life easier and better, she could have been so much happier. But, she was raised in a time that going to therapy meant that you were sick. Now days, we understand that therapy is for healthy people looking to have a better life.
I moved to Maui and got my Master’s degree in Counseling. There I met and married my husband. My husband is a wonderful man, but that does not mean that we always see things the same way. We have had our ups and downs. But by using the strategies that I have learned, our downs are short and non-hurtful. Don’t get me wrong. Each and every relationship is unique. My experiences have helped me to appreciate that there are some extremely powerful tools that could produce rapid changes in one’s perspective. And it is teaching this that calls to my soul.
I feel that my life’s journey has taken me through some experiences that were necessary to make me a better guide for others. And this is important because I believe that someone who hasn’t been through the territory–is no guide at all.


Mission Statement

I bring a wealth of training and experience to provide direction for individuals and for couples choosing premarital or marriage counseling. I offer a safe and welcoming environment for exploration and change to help you find the resolution you want. Many of those I work with find that my down to earth manner and focus on finding solutions is just what they need to move forward. Individuals and couples often feel relieved to know they can learn the skills to be successful and improve their relationships.
All participation in therapy is voluntary. Even if you have been strongly urged by others, the decision to participate and derive benefit from therapy is up to you. The goal of therapy is not to change who you are, but to help you become more of who you want to be. I welcome you to call and to ask any question, get more of a feel as to who I am, and learn about how I work. I believe that it’s very important for you to feel comfortable and safe with the therapist you choose. I accept most insurance plans and Employee Assistance Programs; and if you do not have insurance and you cannot afford therapy, we can discuss a fee you can manage.